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Before the car accident

Home after 1st operation

Brave Girl pink bandana post op. Fentanyl patch on left paw for pain relief and collar to protect from licking at operation site

Can you see that the left leg is shaved from the surgery?

"Muuum, do I have to wear this cone on my head??"

Surgical site for broken pelvis, plate and 7 screws inserted to secure the pelvis

"I LOVE pram walkies, gets me out of the crate for some country air and a change of scenery."

Albie is so happy that I get to go for pram walkies!

Molly and her mum, Claire.

Gentle play post 2nd op

Albie keen to check out his sister but feeling unsure about why she smells different!

Finally Molly is healed and can enjoy sleepy snuggles with her favourite brother!

Me after my 2nd operation, this time removal of femoral head on right side

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